Short Term Parking Solutions by PARK4ALL

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Building projects can only succeed if the parking problem is solved. That is exactly what PARK4ALL does. PARK4ALL’s flexible parking solutions are always perfectly sized, easy to expand and highly cost-effective. That makes PARK4ALL the solution for the precise duration - and not a day longer ! !
Oct ‘17

Multi Decks expand Campus possibilities

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Pensioenfonds Metaal & Techniek has chosen PARK4ALL as their developer of 4 parking decks & 2 landscape stairways for their Secoya Campus in Utrecht - Papendorp. Including a majestic landscaping operation the Secoya Campus will be transformed into the working space of the future. Excellent parking conditions together with a natural campus ambiance are the key words in the solutions that PARK4ALL will implement in the coming 8 months. The total plan has been designed by Rijnboutt Architects and a projectteam led by PARK4ALL.

"The final drawings are almost ready and we are planning to start in the next weeks", says Project Director Marco Huibrechtse. This project shows our creativity and the way our company can develop multiple benefits for our clients. Not only providing more parking spaces but als in a new surrounding in new landscaping. That makes everybody happy! The total value of the Secoya Campus has been rissen substantially for many years to come.

The project will be realized in close cooperation with Van Leeuwen GWW, RoyalHaskoningDHV, Projectbureau Rodewijk, Alewijnse Retail, Skidata and Alljobs. 4 parking decks will be situated behind the buildings and wrapped into landscape facades. New landscaping will be realized with a main square for Campus usage covered in trees, plants and lanscape structures.

The Secoya Campus will be the fully occupied by the end of April 2018 with over 1000 parking spaces and excellent facilities, brought together in the slogan "The Living Building".
jan ‘17

Simple & Fast & Flexible

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4 minutes will tell you everything about our unique system - watch and be amazed
jan '16

Purmerend continues…

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Alderman Hans Krieger of the City of Purmerend explains why he and the citizens of Purmerend are extremely happy with the flexible parking solutions of PARK4ALL. Since the introduction even sales have risen in the city center ! Read more….. Purmerend has decided to keep the parking system even longer and to start a maintenance program together with PARK4ALL. Which will be executed this summer.
Feb ’17

Single-decker solves any parking problem

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Fris Investment Care (on behalf of Paribas Real Estate Investment) has carefully selected PARK4ALL to deliver a single deck parking solution at the Holtroplaan in Eindhoven. In competition with several other builders the PARK4ALL solution was selected for it's excellent price vs. quality solution, short building time, low maintenance as well as its high level of sustainability. After obtaining the building permits the deck was realized within a couple of weeks. Adding up to 39 additional parking spaces on a spectacular small plot. Adding additional value for the owners as well as the rental parties of the surrounding office blocks. A perfect solution for a perfect price with sharp timing.
dec '16

Amsterdam investigates new possibilities

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The City of Amsterdam has chosen PARK4ALL to be their leading developer of new parking solutions in the greater Amsterdam area. In a metal project both parties have developed several solutions for the growing demand for parking spaces especially in the South East area surrounding the Johan Cruijff Arena and the Ziggo Dome. The plans are presented and have proven to be excellent solutions for the busy area. In the coming months further steps will be made in realizing the additional parking areas.