Short Term Parking Solutions by PARK4ALL


PARK4ALL has been developed to solve temporary parking problems. Existing capacity can be rapidly expanded – in the city centre, on industrial sites, at stations or in the open country. Any location can be used, including on top of an existing car park. The very light construction means that no foundations are necessary.

The car park can be erected in just a few weeks. And it can be removed just as quickly – without leaving a single trace. Even the permit can be obtained easily and rapidly.

PARK4ALL car parks are covered by article 17 of the Spatial Planning Act. That means in principle that they can remain in place for a maximum of five years. Even though they are flexible and demountable, the car parks are very solid – technically the minimum service life is 25 years.
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PARK4ALL car parks fit into every environment. Foundations are not necessary as a rule. That means the car park can always be erected in the most practical location, regardless of the subsoil. For example, in the case of temporary shops or stations, a large building project, even on contaminated land, wherever there is a temporary need for additional parking spaces.

Existing green areas can be integrated into the car park, which means there is no need to cut down visually prominent trees, for example. A section of parking area is simply omitted from the structure on the site. This has no impact on stability. It makes the car park all the more attractive – in contrast to the huge concrete blocks that so many others are.

The façades can be supplied to suit the customer’s requirements: covered with plants, landscape photographs or advertising. And instead of parking, the roof can be used for an artificial grass sports pitch or a roof garden. In that way the car park always fits in with the environment.