Short Term Parking Solutions by PARK4ALL

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PARK4ALL has been specially developed to solve temporary parking problems. Existing capacity can be rapidly expanded. Any location can be used, because the very light construction means that no foundations are required. The car parks are literally screwed together and unscrewed like Meccano.

A PARK4ALL car park can be as large – or as small – as the customer wishes. From 50 to 5,000 spaces, available from stock. The modular system grows and shrinks as the parking requirement changes. Existing green areas can easily be integrated within the car park.

After use, the car park leaves no trace. All materials are also reused. That makes PARK4ALL cheaper than permanent car parks. Customers pay a rental charge per parking space. No investment is necessary. A parking space is available from €5 per day

PARK4ALL combines very strong materials with low weight. Steel girders and columns support the decks and roadways made of glass fibre composites. This material is as strong as concrete, but thirty times lighter! PARK4ALL has the exclusive rights for this material.

Compared to concrete structures, PARK4ALL car parks are ultralight, even the version with four additional decks. As a result, no foundations are necessary. And that means the car parks can be erected at any required location, in a city-centre market square or on a pontoon in the River Meuse! That opens up a new world of new parking possibilities.

PARK4ALL does not think in terms of traditional construction solutions, but in terms of affordable, flexible parking solutions. A car park can even be supplied on a sale or rental basis. That makes PARK4ALL a pioneer.
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