Short Term Parking Solutions by PARK4ALL

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A PARK4ALL car park can be as large – or as small – as the customer wishes. The car park grows in line with the parking requirement. It can be expanded in five-metre sections. Even adding a full additional deck is no problem. These can be delivered from stock for rapid installation.

The standard width is 14.5 or 16 metres. The length is determined by the customer. The same applies to the height: one, two, three or four decks. A standard module is 32 x 45 metres with four decks, capable of accommodating around 230 additional parking spaces.
PARK4ALL is a modular system with uniform dimensions and standard couplings. The up and down ramps are in most cases outside the car park, allowing optimum use of every square metre of space. No parking space is lost.

PARK4ALL fulfils all the safety requirements applicable to a car park – that goes without saying. The design was developed by the consulting and engineering firm DHV and fulfils all the applicable NEN standards. The car parks are even safer in use than traditional car parks.

The open structure, light construction and efficient lighting ensure maximum personal safety. There is no eerie atmosphere, but a transparent, light and open feel. That promotes a feeling of safety, even during the evening.

The open structure also ensures optimum visual and acoustic contact with the environment. That also promotes personal safety and hence pleasant use.
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