Short Term Parking Solutions by PARK4ALL


After use, PARK4ALL leaves no trace. The car parks are simply screwed together and unscrewed, just like Meccano. All materials are then reused in another flexible car park.

All the materials used are sustainable, including the optional low-energy LED lighting. Optional solar panels and total energy systems can reduce energy consumption in the car park even further. And at the end of its life, all materials are reused. There is no waste.
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A PARK4ALL car park is cheaper than a permanent car park. For example, no foundations are required, and these usually account for over 20% of the total construction costs. The car park has everything which an ‘ordinary’ car park has, and at the same time is more sustainable and offers more spatial quality.

With PARK4ALL, customers pay a rental charge per parking space per year. No investment is necessary. That means there are no front-end costs as in the case of traditional car parks, costs which weigh heavily on the balance sheet in the first few years. In addition to financial leases and operating leases, PARK4ALL also offers a special purchase and repurchase scheme.

A PARK4ALL parking space can be rented from €5 a day, depending on the number of spaces, the design and the total usage period. Parking spaces in permanent car parks cost much more on average. The operation of the car parks is entrusted to specialist organisations and/or companies.